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As a pageant mom myself from even the toddler days I found myself constantly looking for snacks and drinks to have in the time of crisis.  It never seem to fail that her lunch time was usually the same time as stage time.  We couldn’t eat early for fear of messing up our dress, hair or make up or just not hungry then.  However, unlike adults, when our toddlers and children get hungry ~ you had best feed them something or they will let the world know you didn’t! 

Since the ever so popular TV show Toddlers and Tiaras, our children think they must have pixie sticks and secret go-go juice in order to do well on stage and win big crown.  Well, it wasn’t the airing of the show that caused this tradition, after all, those children were doing it before they were on the show.  I can sadly assure you; this is not a new concept with us moms.  For as long as I have been affiliated in pageants and sports of all types, even way back in high school, we were always in search of a caffeinated sugar rush.  Now the simple glass of milk and an apple is replaced with sugar filled highly caffeinated sports drinks and toddler snacks aimed at pleasing the eye instead of filling the belly.

Well, back when my daughter was a toddler we noticed very quickly that sugar and caffeine made her cranky almost instantly all the while the other toddlers were running around full force and overtly happy.  Then I noticed after we stopped the sugary snacks and drinks, the other toddlers and children enjoying high sugar drinks before stage time were crashing shortly after, some before competition and some were even shaking.  I thought it was just nerves or the little ones not wanting mommy constantly straightening their dresses up, only to find out from our pediatrician the real cause ~ the down fall of the sugar and caffeine rush!

As adults we don’t actually notice this as our daily routine prevents the downfall.  Up and off to work, grab a donut and cup of coffee.  Morning break, do it again to make it until lunch.  Lunch we load ourselves up typically on fast food carbs and by midafternoon we are looking for the vending machines for yet another sugary snack and caffeine fix.  By supper we are exhausted, thinking from working all day, eat probably another unhealthy meal again and hit the bed for the next day.

Knowing this cycle and with the help of our pediatrician, I looked for snacks to help out AND be healthy.  Of course fruits and veggies were at the top of the list.  However it was somewhat hard for a toddler with just a few teeth to eat raw broccoli, bananas were way to messy for pageant day, and Cheerio’s get old for every snack.  He mentioned two important words ~ fiber and protein.  They help fill the tummies and last a long time so they are not hungry in between and best of all, choosing the proper combinations and ingredients = no sugar crash!

I remembered those two things for a long long time.  Way after the toddler days and even for myself, (the adult snacks).  I would add peanut butter to my apples, eat cheese with my grapes ect to avoid a sugar spike and help fill me up.  The fast paced of today, always in a hurry or driving down the road, well the peanut butter somewhat makes a mess, if I remembered to bring the knife so I was on the hunt for an easy snack without the added ingredients that I didn’t need nor want.  The hardest part, it had to meet the taste test and be clear of certain foods I was allergic to.  This ruled out most everything at the grocery store, not too many things either at the natural and health food stores.  Then at a convention, outside in a booth were samples from yet another company. I liked a couple but the one that tasted the best to me was crunchy and I preferred chewy and wanted a little more protein ~ he then told me I could custom make my own bars!  “Get out of here, are you serious”, I squealed!

Custom or ready to ship Energy & Protein Bars

Nothing you can’t pronounce! Healthy great snack!

I am really cautious of great things that come my way, so I researched the company.  It is one of the best success stories yet from Season 1 of Shark Tank!  Right after the show aired the company became the third most Googled search term so you probably already know who it is and may have been one of the millions that either searched for, visited the site or ordered at that time.  Jonathan is a very very clever business man.  Along with those business tactics he knew people shared his frustration of things they couldn’t pronounce or ever hear of in their energy bars so he started making his own and it grew from there.  These bars are available in the favorite’s blend of the Classic bars for everyone’s taste; Endurance bars for the active customers; bars specialty designed for Cancer Patients; Variety packs or of course create your own!

What an awesome idea for the Pageant Princesses with picky taste buds, her name is even on the label because it’s her very own bar! The added bonus of having a healthy snack, created from all natural ingredients that she loves and you know what’s in it!   These make wonderful pageant gift ideas as well to add to outgoing queen baskets or just to pass out to the girls and guys.  Great idea also for classroom parties, birthday parties and other sporting events as well.

The availability of different textures make them great for those of us either dieting or fitness buffs and wonderful for children.  Crunchy, chewy, dry, moist or something in between.  Since you can pick out your ingredients you can even eliminate the unwanted fruits or nuts or replace with a more “flavorable” taste for you or her.  Each are individually wrapped they are always convenient and even though they are healthy, the fun wrapper with her name on it puts them a 100% yes for their little eyes.    This is a fantastic idea also for reigning Queens no matter how old or what system you represent.

Now the bars are already a great price, however if you want an even BIGGER savings ~ fundraisers  ~ or even make some extra money on your friends and family orders, I can show you how to do this also.  This information is not available on their website and of course is not required to place an order but only a simple step before you place your order if you prefer these options.


Now the trend ~ Fit is the new Skinny; but you know what, it’s always been this way in many pageant systems.  Have you ever seen a Miss USA contestant with rolls around her waist or cellulite on her legs?  Below is an example of how even gaining weight can look better and wear smaller clothes & skimpy bikini’s.  This is because this young lady refused to use the scales as a guide, she knew muscle took up less room that the same amount of fat.  Do you think the viewers and the judges of the Miss USA system would be more appealed to her at 123# or 137#?

Genetic Body Sculpting

Which do think would win a judges appeal 123# or 137#

We already know the perfect image is sought after in the fashion world on a daily basis.  It is not just in fashion and Ladies pageant systems though.  For years, I have been making custom pageant dresses for toddlers, little girls and teens.  Long and Lean is the most sought after appearance even for the tiny tots mothers, especially if they tend to be “thicker”.  I have spent countless hours creating the ultimate body image to ensure the appeal of even the harshest judges.    Yes, sadly first impression is often made by image even for the young ones.

Well, why the young ones can get by slimming up in the way a dress is designed, other systems where image is everything and the body is exposed, the ladies spend rigorous hours at the gym and countless dollars on diets to achieve the Perfect Pageant Body.  The key is preserving and restoring muscle loss during these diets.  Find out more on fat vs skinny and how your clients rate.  Then find out how you or your clients can achieve The Perfect Pageant Body through the world’s first ever Genetic Body Sculpting.


The Pageant Place has been in business for some 18 years now. Over the course this time a common question is often asked ~ how do you MAKE money in the field of pageantry Well believe it or not there are several ways! Some as you know are pageant directors, designers, hair-make up groomers, photographers, digital editors, coaches, personal fitness trainers, the professional contestant, even social related contests promoters like an online pageant or photo contest via Facebook ect.  The trend now seems to be tailoring to contestant needs offering salon services, tanning, even photo shoots at the pageant or the contestants home after normal business hours. Ahh, the pageant concierge !

 Well, something about Pageantry, once it is in your blood, it is hard to think of doing anything else.  However, the services provided by any profession sometimes it’s just not for us. Even more, many I have spoken with, still need more money or WORSE they trade the money for time and have little time with their family.  Others want more money FOR pageants, some even have charitable or platform goals that seem to be beyond their capabilities.  Does any of this sound familiar? 

Over the past year we have been working with one of pageants best to derive a solution of How do I make Money in Pageants! We have a system for each area of pageantry; those currently in a pageant business, wanting in the pageant business, even those that used to be in the pageant business or wanting to make money in order to support their entry fees and even charitable events.  The system is custom tailored to your needs.  We have more details posted here or complete the form below to find out if this can work for you.

English: The graph shows the correlation betwe... English: The graph shows the correlation between body mass index (BMI) and percent body fat (%BF) for men in NCHS’ NHANES III 1994 data. The body fat percent shown uses the method from Romero-Corral et al. to convert NHANES BIA to %BF (June 2008). “Accuracy of body mass index in diagnosing obesity in the adult general population”. International Journal of Obesity 32 (6) : 959–956. DOI:10.1038/ijo.2008.11. PMID 18283284. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of you know, I have struggled with several health issues and the dreaded “WEIGHT” word for years. I was overweight, yes, but more importantly by overall body fat % was high. I always thought skinny folks were healthy (or at least healthier than I was), even if they had sagging skin or not so tight muscle tone.

I never thought about how this could affect my clients (or parents of) until an interview on the phone the other day. One of my former clients, grew up and is now in the Teen USA system! As soon as I found out, I immediately connected her with my business partner ( a pro in the USA and America’s type systems) to see if he could give them some free guidance. LOL- yes FREE, anyway, I was floored by the conversation.

Her dress was covered ~ style, color, fit ..then walk, interview, platform, ect… all that you would think..then detailed questions on swim suit. Not the suit but her BODY. She a has perfect beach body in many eyes, so much to my surprise, the mom explained what her personal trainer was working on. I am so glad I was on the phone so they could not see my mouth drop to the floor!

I never realized the stress of the “perfect body” for those with a nice body in others eyes. I was very comfortable with my body, my shape and was, well, ok with my weight. I just knew from a medical standpoint I needed to do something.

Now, IMHO, I see no problem for my former client, however it opened my eyes to the concern for so many of my other clients, customers, friends and family!

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PS – if you would like to know personally or for a client on how I lost 30+ pounds, reduced my cholesterol by almost 50 points, reduced my overall body fat %, or even how I was able to come off my diabetes medications just ask, I am happy to share!



Local area – we will be at the Ozark Claybank Jamboree Saturday October 6th!  Great spot too!  North side of the Dale County Court House in the area of Heritage Day Spa & House of Hats.  We have purchased some Very Fairy Tutus for some of our new casual outfits to provide her full Tutus with our Ruffle Pants, Pantaloons, Ponchos, Peasant tops, pillowcase tops.   She will be in the booth beside us to make your shopping even easier!  We will have some of our Pageant attire there as well for those needing or wanting to see the custom pageant work.   We will also have some of MeeMee’s vintage quilts.

We have coupons loaded all around the web.  Start searching for your discount codes!  You can use them online or at our booths for Claybank as well as other Shows until they expire.  I kept telling you to be sure to “Like” and “Join”. But it’s never too late, start searching and joining!

MC, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER will be taken as well as Cash of course.  Those with smart phones can PayPal and we also are a Google Merchant so you can use it as well at Claybank or on the website at .

We are moving right a long in merging the Facebook pages.  Please make sure you “Like” the New Page  as I honestly don’t know what will happen once they merge even thought FB says they will just join as one, pictures, likes, comments and all 🙂 .  Many are members of all the pages..yes we ended up with 2-3, only 2 are published though now.

The new website, well, it’s coming along.  Slowly getting the databases ect all changed over, I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas!  However, the bright side, like Shoppe, it will be all cleaned up, cleaned out, and hopefully smooth sailing… ummmm.

Another note, when you can’t find that exact dress you want..we can make it happen!.   She wanted “…zebra, red tulle, strapless & poofy, NOT fitted like a pageant dress either, originally a red belt but at a last minute a red polka dot bow” – The Joys of Custom – Any way YOU want it!Image

All types of new styles including the new Johnathan Kayne Pageants &  Prom Shoes!  We carry sizes from infants to ladies, even boys tuxedo shoes,  so we  can provide shoes for your entire wedding court or even a night out dancing, we have what you need. We have shoes here, we ship & drop-ship shoes to your doorstep, we even ship worldwide!  We have shoes from a variety of manufactures to cover what ever special occasion you may have. Be sure to visit the online store at or our Facebook page at  We have many new listings in our consignment sections also and as always, we are here when you need that Custom Pageant Dress of your Dreams!

Available at The Pageant Place

The Swimsuit Shoe by Johnathan Kayne – Available at The Pageant Place

Available at The Pageant Place

The JILL Child Pageant Shoe – Available at The Pageant Place


lying on her form is not a good case for her either!

For more details here is Kristin’s article: – News Profile – Miss Canada Universe Confirms Disqualification of Transgender.

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